Steve De Long - Facebook Marketing Strategist
Hi, I'm Steve
Facebook Marketing Strategist and Full Stack Business Guy!

I help entrepreneurs and businesses build their fortunes from Facebook Ads!  
Steve De Long

Passionate Foodie, Internet Marketer and Lapidary. 
I help Entrepreneurs, Authors, Startups and Businesses large and small get more customers through  Facebook Advertising Campaigns, Viral Contests & Giveaways, Sales Funnels, and Email Marketing. I also have a passionate interest in Cooking, particularly around Flavor, and Gemstones - along with a desire to share my accumulated knowledge on those topics! 
My business background includes closing $70,000,000 in sales, building and launching three successful software applications, and years of customer support for software and services.  I'm also a co-organizer of the San Diego Tech Founders meetup. In that role I've brought Justin Mares, co-author of TRACTION, and Melani Gordon, Co-Founder of TapHunter, in to speak to the San Diego Startup Community.
Steve De Long
Founder of RealtyKick, FlavorPantry, and CargoHawk
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